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Our main specialization is control and sorting activities in production, especially for the automotive industry, but also for other industries.

Individual approach

We offer fast and effective solutions tailored to the client in the field of quality assurance of supplied parts, components and assemblies. By using our services, you can fully devote yourself to your own business, we will be happy to provide you with professional assistance in resolving unexpected situations in production, especially in the event of defects or unfinished products. We can offer all work operations at any stage of the production process – input, inter-operational and output work.

Our own employees

Everyone who works on the order is our own employee, who completed an interview with a personnel specialist and met the requirements for admission. All our employees are automatically equipped with PPE.

High quality guarantee

Within all the shifts, the operators have their direct superiors – team leaders, who manage and control their activities. This ensures the high quality of the services provided.


Our response time from order confirmation is 120 minutes. We have our own fleet of vehicles, so our activities are flexible throughout the Czech Republic. In addition, if necessary, we have our own premises available for our activities.

Control and sorting

  • optical surface control
  • check using the tools and counterparts
  • measurement of lengths, angles, forces
  • checking the accuracy of logistical data, including packing regulations
  • function check, crack control and crack capillary analysis
  • Quality Wall

Repair and rework

  • deburring, embossing, cutting, edge shrinkage, grinding
  • cleaning, degreasing and de-rusting of parts
  • other minor repairs

Personal agency

providing of employees in the field of:

  • material handling
  • storage
  • sorting services


  • complete inventory of the warehouse, incl. material in progress
  • inventory of packaging materials, own or customers‘
  • inventory of property incl. labeling
  • audit of inventory – ensuring supervision of inventory by your own employees


  • human resources – how to write and where to place an advertisement, classification of received answers, calling relevant contacts, ensuring a selection procedure, testing candidates and more
  • labor law – consultancy in drafting labour-law documents (contracts, agreements, amendments, directives and more)
  • quality management
  • internal regulations and directives
  • compliance – protection against criminal liability of legal persons, money laundering, protection of personal data
  • internal audits – in the field of quality or human resources



  • complex logistics services
  • consulting, analysis, optimization
  • startups of logistics projects, including staff hiring


  • complex range of packaging materials
  • assembly of packaging material
  • product packaging
  • consulting, audits and optimization
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